SomaFM Presents...

The BAGeL Radio 11th Birthday Party!
Birdmonster/ The Lower 48/ City Light

at  Bottom of the Hill Friday 1/31/14

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2/1/13 Mr. Loveless/CHURCHES/Birdmonster

7/26/12 King Tuff/ Jaill/ The Coathangers

12/16/11 Her Space Holiday/ Silver Swans/ City Light

7/6/11 The Rumble featuring The Hot Toddies / Luke Rathborne/ White Cloud

6/8/11 The Rumble featuring Sister Crayon/ Excuses For Skipping/ White Arrows

5/4/11 The Rumble featuring Mister Loveless/ The Fling/ James & Evander

4/6/11The Rumble featuring Winter's Fall/ Vanaprasta/ Space Ghost

3/9/11 The Rumble featuring Grand Lake/ The Tellers/ The Spyrals

2/9/11The Rumble featuring Blackbird Blackbird/ Phantom Kicks/ Letting Up Despite Great Faults


11/3/10 The Rumble featuring Burnt Ones/ UME/ LSD And The Search For God

10/6/10 The Rumble featuring White White Lights/ Dana Falconberry/ preview of the film "Echotone"

9/8/10 The Rumble featuring Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr./ Taxes/ Ooona

8/4/10 The Rumble featuring Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt/ Rumspringa/ Billy & Dolly

7/7/10 The Rumble featuring A B & The Sea/ What Laura Says/ So Many Wizards

6/9/10 The Rumble featuring City Light/ The Downer Party/ Chasing Kings

5/5/10 The Rumble featuring The Ferocious Few/ Mississippi Man/ The Sermon

4/7/10 The Rumble featuring Pepper Rabbit/ Veil Veil Vanish/ Silver Swans

3/3/10 The Rumble featuring Twin Tigers/ Lilofee/ Stripmall Architecture

2/3/10 BAGeL Radio 7th Birthday/The Rumble featuring Jaguar Love/ My First Earthquake/ Butterfly Bones


11/4/09 The Rumble featuring Please Do Not Fight and Apes Of Wrath

10/7/09 The Rumble featuring Aaron Axelsen, Man/Miracle, and Fritz & The Tantrums

9/9/09 The Rumble featuring AmpLive, Pance Party, and The United States of Electronica

8/5/09 The Rumble featuring A, B, & The Sea, Company of Thieves and guest DJ Aaron Axelsen

7/1/09 The Rumble featuring Local Natives, Oona, and guest DJ Eddy Bauer

6/3/09 The Rumble featuring Band of Skulls, Apteka, and guest DJ Yoni Wolf of WHY?

5/6/09 The Rumble featuring The Frail, Django James, and guest DJs AmpLive of Zion-I and Anthony of Loquat

4/1/09 The Rumble featuring Simon Says No!, Leopold & His Fiction, and guest DJ Vin Sol

3/4/09 The Rumble featuring Lilofee, Hot Challenge, and guest DJ Aaron Axelsen

2/7/09 (BAGeL Radio 6th Birthday) Birdmonster/ Railcars/ Ricky Lee Robinson @ Bottom of the Hill photos

2/4/09 The Rumble featuring The Ringers, Music For Animals, and guest DJ Omar

1/7/09 The Rumble featuring French Miami, Love Like Fire, and guest DJ AmpLive of Zion-I


12/3/08 The Rumble featuring The Ferocious Few and guest DJ Golden Gram of Rogue Wave

11/5/08 The Rumble featuring The Blacks and guest DJ Mario Muse

10/15/08 BarackNRoll Fundraiser feat. John Doe/ These United States/ Big Light @ Independent       photos

10/1/08 The Rumble featuring 2AM Club and guest DJ Aaron Axelsen (Live105/Popscene)

9/3/08 The Rumble feat. Magic Bullets guest DJ Omar, and guest DJ Shawn Harris of The Matches

8/30/08 Scissors For Lefty/ Head Like A Kite @ The Rickshaw Stop        photos

8/5/08 Darker My Love/ The Lumerians/ The Eulogies @ The Independent       photos

8/6/08 The Rumble featuring Sugar & Gold

7/9/08 The Rumble featuring The Heavenly States and guest DJ Richie Panic

6/2/08 The Rumble featuring The May Fire and guest DJs Minipop

5/8/08 Magic Bullets/ Lemon Sun/ Rosewood Thieves @ Bottom of the Hill    photos

5/7/08 The Rumble featuring Oslo and guest DJ Richie Panic

4/15/08 Handsome Furs/ Railcars @ Bottom of the Hill    photos

4/2/08 The Rumble featuring The Hundred Days and guest DJ Omar

3/5/08 The Rumble featuring LoveLikeFire and guest DJ AmpLive of Zion-I

2/6/08 The Rumble feat. guest DJs Aaron Axelsen (Live105) and Lisa Light (The Lovemakers)

2/22/08 Love Is Chemicals (CD Release)/ HIJK/ The Dont's @ Bottom of the Hill    photos

2/1/08 (BAGeL Radio 5th Birthday) Peloton/ Lemon Sun/ Audio Out Send @ Bottom of the Hill    photos

12/13/07 Ex-Boyfriends/ Audio Out Send/ 20 Minute Loop @ Bottom of the Hill photos

11/16/07 The Warlocks/ Darker My Love/ The Otherside @ Bottom of the Hill   photos

12/5/07 with guest DJ Omar and Film School after party


10/4/07 Division Day/ The New Trust/ Themes @ Bottom of the Hill photos

10/3/07 Rumble #2 @ Harlot

9/5/07 Rumble #1 @ Harlot

September 1st, 2007 MFA/ Magic Bullets/ Dreamdate/ Transfer @ Great American Music Hall   artwork   photos

August 18th, 2007 Birdmonster/ Eulogies @ Cafe du Nord   artwork   photos

August 9th, 2007 HIJK/ Invisible Cities/ Show Me State @ Rickshaw Stop  artwork   photos

August 6th, 2007 The Otherside/ Bears/ Slings @ Elbo Room   artwork   photos   more pix

July 22nd, 2007 Division Day/ Ariel Mile/ Truxton @ Bottom of the Hill   artwork   photos

July 1st, 2007 Benefit @ Bottom of the Hill   artwork   photos

May 29th, 2007 Magic Bullets/ The Morning Benders/ Rescue Me @ Cafe du Nord   artwork   photos

February 28th, 2007 The Otherside/ Peloton/ The Union Trade @ Thee Parkside   artwork   photos

February 16th, 2007 Rob Crow/ The Jade Shader/ Black Fiction @ Mezzanine   artwork   photos

February 8th, 2007 (BAGeL Radio 4th Birthday) Birdmonster/ Division Day/ Two Seconds @ Bottom of the Hill  artwork   photos   more pix

November 30th, 2006 [RockScene] Matt Lutz/ [the] caseworker/ Peloton @ Club Six  artwork   photos

November 16th, 2006 [RockScene] Elephone/ The Otherside/ Serene Lakes @ Club Six  artwork   photos

November 9th, 2006 The Heavenly States/ Ex-Boyfriends/ Icarus Falls @ Club Six    artwork   photos

October 5th, 2006 Morning Spy/ Bound Stems/ Ex-Boyfriends @ The Rickshaw Stop    artwork   photos

September 4th, 2006 Cloud Cult/ Hijack The Disco/ Radius @ Bottom of the Hill    artwork   photos

August 14th, 2006 Get Him Eat Him/ Evangelicals/ The Living Blue @ Bottom of the Hill    artwork   photos

July 5th, 2006 Two Seconds/ Division Day/ The Hot Toddies @ Mezzanine   artwork   photos

June 7th, 2006 The Herms/ Teri Falini/ Dear Kerosene @ Mezzanine   artwork   photos

May 3rd, 2006 Push To Talk/ Audrye Sessions/ Street To Nowhere @ Mezzanine   artwork   photos

April 5th, 2006 Boyskout/ Midnight Serenade/ 14 Mission @ Mezzanine   artwork   photos

March 1st, 2006 The Cuts/ Dilettantes/ barbarasteele @ Mezzanine   artwork   photos

February 1st, 2006 (BAGeL Radio 3rd Birthday) Birdmonster/ The Ex-Boyfriends/ Serene Lakes @ Mezzanine  artwork   photos

January 4th, 2006 Elephone/ Love Is Chemicals/ We Are Invisible @ Mezzanine  artwork   photos

November 30th, 2005 Hijack The Disco/ Sabrosa Purr/ The Otherside @ Mezzanine  artwork   photos

October 26th, 2005 Minipop/ Citizens Here And Abroad/ Love Like Fire @ Mezzanine  artwork   photos

July 3rd, 2005 Diamond Nights/ Midnight Serenade/ Hijack The Disco @ Cafe du Nord artwork   photos

May 21st, 2005 Heavenly States/ Electro Group/ Invisible @ The Hemlock artwork   photos

April 6th, 2005 HijackThe Disco/Send For Help/ The Otherside @ The Make-Out Room artwork   photos