Live Show Playlists

April 2009

"480 Minutes" Fridays 9a.m.-5p.m. Pacific Time hosted by Music Director Ted Leibowitz


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Pushing and Shoving-Man/Miracle
Never Far Away (Jack White Solo)-Jack White
I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts-X
19th Nervous Breakdown-The Rolling Stones
So So Happy Making-Hatcham Social
I Don't Mind-The Buzzcocks
Nightlife-The Soft Pack
When We Were Alive-The Thermals
Every Goliath Has His David-Boy Least Likely To
We Are Mynx-Mynx
Godlike-The Dylans
To Save Me-M. Ward
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh-Say Hi
Zero-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Killdozer-The Coathangers
Liver and Brains-The Idle Hands
What Difference Does It Make?-The Smiths
Horizons-An Horse
Slow Dog-Belly
They Won't-The Show Is The Rainbow
Here Comes Trouble-Ill Ease
Paper Planes (Blaqstarr Remix)-M.I.A.
Straight To Hell-The Clash
Black Hearted Love-PJ Harvey & John Parish
President Gas-Psychedelic Furs
Morning Light-We Know Mason
Summertime Rolls-Jane's Addiction
Unaware-It Hugs Back
Golden Phone-Micachu & The Shapes
Cold Warrior-Grandchildren
Dazzle-Siouxsie & the Banshees
Under The Influence Of Jaffa Cakes-Joker's Daughter
Paper Lace-Swan Lake
Walk On The Wild Side-Lou Reed
Stanley Brinks-Stanley Brinks
Now We Can See-The Thermals
EMI-The Sex Pistols
God Is In The Radio-Queens Of The Stone Age
Happy Head-The Mighty Lemon Drops
Twilight Galaxy-Metric
One Love-Stone Roses
Shame and Fortune-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Old Folks-Real Estate
Dimmer-Bishop Allen
I Want You Back-The Hoodoo Gurus
Crocodile-Hatcham Social
Sit Down By The Fire-The Veils
Jackpot-The English Beat
Jumps The Fence (feat. Connan Mockasin)-The BPA
Permanent Scar-O+S
Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen-PJ Harvey & John Parish
Send His Love To Me-PJ Harvey
Postcards-An Horse
A Bower Scene-The Decemberists
Making Flippy Floppy-Talking Heads
God knows I had plans-The Mary Onettes
Sub-culture-New Order
Trash-The Whip
Science Fiction-French Miami
Nothing Knew-Eula
We've Been Had-The Walkmen
Landslide-Smashing Pumpkins
Great Lakes-Telekinesis!
Bixby Canyon Bridge-Death Cab For Cutie
Backwards Rolling-The French Semester
Happen To Die-Charlatans UK
You Can't Get It Back-Gentleman Reg
Widow Of My Dreams-Obits
The Puppet-Echo & the Bunnymen
Stop Stomp Stompin'-The Coathangers
Dirty Horse-Gram Rabbit
Race For The Prize-The Flaming Lips
At the Bottom of the Sea-The Thermals
This Boy Is Exhausted-The Wrens
Special One-Ultra Vivid Scene
The Letter-The Veils
I Cannot Cure My Pure Evil-Hatcham Social
She's In Parties-Bauhaus
Chilled Hidebound Hearts-The Ettes
My Name Is Jonas-Weezer
Jelly Belly-Joker's Daughter
The Rake's Song-The Decemberists
Calculator-Micachu & The Shapes
Pig Will Not-PJ Harvey & John Parish
Glam Racket - Star-The Fall
Rain (tedit)-Tones On Tail
Phonebook Pillow-Ice Palace
I Believe-R.E.M.
Let's Get Out Of Our Heads Now-We Know Mason
I See You-City Light
The Guns of Brixton-The Clash
The Bad Man Wants our Skin-Worker Bee
Oedipus Hex-Grand Lake
Secret Love Tricks-Ricky Lee Robinson
The Man In Your House-Mi Ami
Extinction-The Soft Pack
Harmony In My Head-The Buzzcocks
Pine On-Obits
Talking-Handsome Furs
Twisted Thoughts-Kinetic Stereokids
Are Friends Electric?-The Dead Weather
Cheap And Cheerful-The Kills
There Is Always Something Better-Raised By Robots
Taste Of Cindy-The Jesus & Mary Chain
Morning Light-Gliss
Lorelei-Cocteau Twins
Cold Is-Dish
Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie-Black Flag
The Wait-The Pretenders
When I Died-The Thermals
The Hazards of Love 1 (The Prettiest Whistles Won't Wrestle the Thistles Undone)-The Decemberists
Elouise-Say Hi
Aquariums-Everything Absent Or Distorted (A Love Story)
Don't Take Me Home Until I'm Drunk-The Wedding Present
Gouge Away-Pixies
Love is a Burning Thing-Fires Of Rome
Baby Screams-The Cure
Totally Wired-The Fall
Teenage Kicks-The Undertones
True Love Pt. #2-X
Daft Punk Is Playing at My House-LCD Soundsystem
We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed-Los Campesinos!
From The Hips-Cursive
Suck You Dry-Mudhoney
Hang You from the Heavens-The Dead Weather
The Wagon-Dinosaur Jr.
The Summer Before-The Appleseed Cast
Mab Crease-Reigns
Two Sides-Youth Group
Vapour Trail-Ride
Love At First Sight-Lush
Big Business-Benjy Ferree
My Old Hands-The French Semester
Cruise Low (clean)-Thunderheist
Build Voice-Dan Deacon
Happy Up Here-Röyksopp
So Fine-Telepathe
Grey-New Young Pony Club
Making Up Our Love-Lucky Jesus
Strange Town-The Jam
Eighties-Killing Joke
Control-Death Becomes Even The Maiden
Filthy & Afraid-Superdrag
Sunken Ship-Sin Fang Bous
Window Pane-The Real People
Who's Asking-Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
All You Demons-City Light
I'm Not Down-The Clash
See A Little Light-Bob Mould
Life And Times-Bob Mould
What She Said-The Smiths
When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade-Boy Least Likely To
San Bernardino-The Mountain Goats
Zombie Love Song-Dish
No Surprises-Radiohead
I Can't Get Away-Stardeath And White Dwarfs
All The Colors-Greater California
My America-A Camp
I'm Not a Perfect Person (Looks Like I Fucked Up Again)-Sunset
Norman Bleik-I Was A King
I Wanna Miss You-The Laureates
Dancing Choose-TV On The Radio
Frames-Death Becomes Even The Maiden
Loaded-The Idle Hands
Soft Shock-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Mr. Hurricane-Beast
Whisper At Once-The Show Is The Rainbow
The Geeks Were Right-The Faint
The Stars Are Not Projectors-Grand Lake
Work Day-It Hugs Back

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